What is BLITZPad?

BLITZPad is decentralized launchpad that allows anyone to create their own token, raise capital and kick start a new project with the cross chain presale service in just a few clicks.
There is no need for coding; simply navigate through our DApp, design your token, and launch it. BLITZPad also provides a number of other features to help you with the overall token launch, such as assistance with listing of your token on DEX, locking LP, vesting team tokens.
BLITZPad is a one-stop-shop for all your project needs: consultation, full-stack development and a multi-service support including, but not limited to contracts, tokenomics, marketing, leadership and support for all levels of project development. Providing valuable and knowledgeable team members who are ready to assist off-chain businesses to bridge over; Blitz Labs is ready to help overcome any obstacle.

Why choose BLITZPad?

  • Rewards for best projects launching on BLITZPad
  • Competitive fees
  • You can chose whether you want fees to be paid fully in native chain token or partially in your own token
  • Advisory service for creators on all levels: development, tokenomics, leadership, marketing
  • Leverage Blitz Team Network to boost your project's launch; use our battle-tested services providers to ensure that money you spent on youtube promotion, twitter: influencers & promoters, listings, trendings, graphic designers, developers, creators are well spent and you won't be ripped off
  • 100% of collected fees are allocated to Blitz ecosystem development fund and paid out to the holders of Blitz token in the form of dividends and buybacks.
Last modified 9mo ago